Peter Iordanov

Computer Science, UIUC 2017

I am a legal software engineering intern at Fulcrum GT in Chicago, Illinois building software solutions to help lawyers better visualize their legal data. Our team is using Django to manage a Tensorflow predictive model and serve a React frontend.

I am a Chicago native who loves to dabble in game design and Virtual Reality, and holds a BS Degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Not all those who wander are lost. --J.R.R. Tolkien


Project Cat

Spring 2017

A Virtual Reality project for CS 498 VR where several developers and designers (including myself) made a multiplayer fighting game. We made our own hand tracking controls and set up multiplayer networking using Photon Cloud.




I've taught several classes for high school students while at The University of Illinois. I planned and led Virtual Reality workshops in our University's own VR Lab, and given lectures on Conway's Game of Life and Data Structures.

Eagle Scout


One of my greatest achievements was to earn Scouting's highest achievement, Eagle Rank.
Among the requirements to earn Boy Scouting's highest rank, Eagle, is to "plan, develop, and give leadership to a service project for any religious organization or any school or community." My Eagle Scout Project involved landscaping around my home parish of Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church. I planned when the project would take place, and got approval from both the parish and Scouting officials to go ahead with the project. Projects around the parish grounds included replacing the liner and rocks on one side of the hall, placing grass seed and new dirt around the hall, thorough weeding, and painting the church's picnic benches. The project was a huge success, and the parish community has been grateful since.

Click here for further information on the requirements to earn Eagle rank.



A card game I'm in the early stages of designing, inspired mostly from Dominion. Planning to develop a online version.

Voronoi Applet


I designed a Java applet to display Voronoi diagrams during my research internship at the Comillas Pontificial University in Madrid, Spain. The applet itself and its details are available on my Github. There you can download and run it on your system as long as you have Java 8. It's still a work in progress so please PM me if you discover any bugs or have any comments.

GET Lit!

A videogame made in GameMaker Studio for a 12 hour hackathon sponsored by GameBuilders, where you are a little ball named Lit being chased by missles and a continuosly darkened sight.

Play it Now!

Portfolio Website

This static website is made with Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS, and hosted with Github.